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We101 is a tool designed to provide quick and easy navigation to the recent posts of bloggers from cities in the United States. 

To view blogs: Simply select a place from the pull down menu at the top of the page. 

To add your blog: Click here.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is my blog's feed URL? I get an error message when I try to add my blog.
Please see the help file for this issue, it is brief and will lead to a resolution of the issue for you.

I submitted my blog, but did not receive a confirmation email.
Your spam filter may have flagged our message. Please check your spam or junk email folders. If you cannot find our message, send an email from the address you used when submitting your blog to Put "Activate" in the subject line.

Why only the United States?
Simply put: resources. Rather than risk creating a world-wide endeavor that suffered from insufficient programming or infrastructure capacity, We101 starts with the United States as a more manageable scope. In time, We101 may grow to include other countries.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy


Your use of this web site constitutes your acceptance of the following:

  1. Use at your own risk. You agree to hold We101, its owners, employees, affiliates and advertisers free from any responsibility for content appearing on this web site. You understand that this web site aggregates content from other sources; that We101 merely presents the content and is not responsible for the opinions expressed,  information conveyed or for the technical fitness of the content. Any measures We101 takes to attempt to filter technically malicious content do not constitute any kind of promise or warranty that the content you may view on We101 is safe. You view the content available on We101 and visit the web sites it links to at your own risk.

  2. Proper use. You agree to use the features and facilities of this web site for their intended purpose. Hacking, spamming, attacking or otherwise attempting to disable or disrupt the intended purpose of this site is not allowed. Visitors and bloggers who disrupt the proper operation of We101, intentionally or unintentionally, may be be banned at our sole discretion.

  3. No pornography. Do not add your blog to We101 if you post pornography. Your blog will be removed. We101 is the sole arbiter of what constitutes pornography for this purpose.

  4. No advertising spam. We recognize that legitimate bloggers may, from time to time, use their blogs to promote a commercial endeavor or product and such use is acceptable on We101. Blogs that exist primarily for the distribution of commercial messages are not allowed and violators will be removed.

  5. Your blog must allow comments. We101 exists to promote an understanding of the communities in which we live. We believe that a necessary component to this is the ability to engage in conversation as accommodated by blog comments. If your blog does not allow comments, please enable them before submitting your blog to We101. Blogs that do not allow comments will be removed.

  6. It is your responsibility to know the rules. You agree to abide by these and other rules that may be instituted in the future. It is your responsibility to stay informed of the rules.

  7. Privacy. You agree to the privacy policy below.

  8. Violations. Violations of the terms of use may result in blocking your access to this site, suspension or removal of blogs and, if necessary, legal action.

Report violations: Please report violations of the terms of use to 


Your privacy is valued and respected. The information we gather is grouped into three types for privacy purposes.

1) Private Information.
We consider your email to be private. The following apply to email:

  • We do not make your email address publicly available.

  • We do not provide your email address to third parties nor do we send email to you on behalf of third parties.

  • We only send email to you when it is necessary to contact you about an issue specific to you blog's listing on We101 or when you request information from us.

2) Public Information.
By adding your blog to We101 you provide some information that will be publicly available or that may associate your blog with certain publicly available filtering and grouping features. These types of publicly available information include:

  • Your blog information. (URL, title and syndication feed.)

  • Your location. (You associate your blog with a city when you add it to We101, provide a zip code and may optionally provide additional information about your location such as your suburb or neighborhood.)

  • Descriptive tags. (You have the option to provide "tags" or keywords to be associated with your blog.)

3) Computer/Internet Information
We101 collects information from your computer when you visit. This information may include your IP address, the type of web browser you are using, what pages you viewed, dates and times. This information is reviewed by us in aggregate to evaluate website performance, track advertising, and improve the user experience. Aggregated information (such as the number of unique visitors to a particular city) may be shared publicly or with third parties. Records of a specific visit may be viewed by us for troubleshooting or to identify disruptive users.  Information pertaining to a specific visitor is private and will be shared with third parties only under the "Exceptions" described below.

We101 uses cookies, small files stored on your computer, to enhance the user experience. Cookies are used to keep track of your city selection, for example. These files are not normally available to other websites unless your computer settings allow it. They are accessible, however, to anybody who has access to your computer and may provide information about the cities you viewed, recommendations you made and the blogs you visited from We101. 

Exceptions to our Privacy Policy
Hacking, spamming, or other attempts to disable or disrupt the intended purpose or functionality of this site may result, at our sole discretion, in the sharing of whatever information we deem necessary with computer experts, attorneys, courts, law enforcement or other parties to protect our interests and/or pursue legal action.

All user information may be transferred to a third party in the event that, or this website under any other name, should be sold to, otherwise acquired by or merged with a third party.

No Guarantees. We will make all reasonable efforts, within our abilities, to protect your privacy as described above. We are not responsible for stolen, hacked or inadvertent release of user information. We cannot warrant the privacy protection efforts, if any, of the third parties who carry information between you and us.